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Rollers in the printing industry

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• Offset printing Rollers.
• Printing Roller.
• Roller For ink and packaging industry, ink and water intake.

New Roller Production:

Our company specializes produce packaging printers, offset printing, the most popular today. Our rubber platen warranty with full accessories and packaged carefully to be sure before shipment.

Refurbished / recovery:

Our company specializes in manufacturing more than 30 kinds of rollers for packaging printers, the most common offset printing today. The roller after production has great surface and absolute balance.

Refurbishment / Recovery:

Chi Phat offers refurbishing service, restoring rollers used in offset printing, embossing and debossing.

We also offers recovering chrome rollers, water intake rollers.

The process of recovering rollers is done as follows: First, the exterior damage will be removed. Depending on the degree of damage to the core, we would advise customers the corresponding service. If necessary, the core will be restored. After sanding and covering the surface, the core stable. Finally the roller is coated with a hard chrome layer that can withstand friction and abrasion.