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Mechanical engineering

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In addition, we also offer iron manufacturing service. We also design steel and aluminum products as requested by the customer or by our technical experts.

With our modern technical workshops, Chi Phat can make every design on aluminum and steel. Modern computer numerical control standards have allowed us to design products with stability and high accuracy. Besides, we offer sand polishing for cylindrical metals, aluminum surfaces, and circular machine parts.

Dynamic Balancing
Our workshop has the most advanced system in the balancing rollers and rotor/spindle. We provide services to the largest balanced diameter.

Our systems are equipped / supported by a main server in the workshop.
Basic technical data on machine balance:

●     Allowed weight for the rotor to be balanced:
            Lowest: 5kg
            Highest: 300kg

●     Balanced rotors Orientation: Horizontal

●     Range of spindle diameter rotors: from 20 to 500 mm
              Maximum length of rollers: 5000 mm
              Minimum length 250mm
              Maximum diameter: 1000 mm
              Minimum Diameter: 1600mm