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Industrial rubber shaft

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We produce rollers for the following industrial sectors: Wood, plastic, packaging, steel, paper, textile, mechanic, and leather industry. With hardness ranging from 30 to 100 degrees shore (standard A)

Pressing Rollers, under intense pressure for paper and pulp production.

• Conveyor rollers.
• Rollers that are heat resistant with non-stick surface.
• Anti-static rollers.
• Plastic laminated foil rollers.
• Leather industry rollers.
• Rollers for industrial logging and furniture.
• Conveyor rollers for construction and quarrying industries.

By the following material:

- Neoprene
- Hypalon
- E.P.D.M.
- Nitrile
- Silicone
- Natural
- Ebonite

Rollers’ Properties:

• Average diameter 20 to 2000 mm
• Length up to 6000 mm
• Resistant to abrasion,
•  Smooth surface and withstand friction well.
•  Resistant to paints and solvents.
•  Various colors
•  High insulation